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Wellness Partners

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Health and wellness retreats offer a restorative program that will help you decompress & strengthen your mental, physical, emotional
and spiritual wellbeing.

passionate practitioner dedicated to mind and body health. Their focus is to help men, women and young adults shift limiting beliefs and internal restrictions that impact living an empowered and fulfilled life.

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K9 Concierge provides  quality, individually focused care for 1 or more K9s in the same family, no matter what breed. Using technology to provide owners with updates on your K9’s activities and location. A convenient client portal enables K9 parents to easily schedule services and access their furry companions’ information at any time.


Vital starts with a comprehensive neurological and structural exam upon a client's initial visit to assess spinal health and injury diagnosis. As well as Chiropractic services they also incorporate many different styles of kinesiology to determine nutritional, emotional and energetic imbalances.


Tale-waggers are personally written anecdotes about our deceased pets that are designed and mounted into frames that sit beside photographs of other family members, displayed on table-tops, consoles or mantles—fond memories that last forever. 

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