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CAUTION: Not to be taken by pregnant women or people on blood thinners.


100% Organic. Ingredients: MCT Coconut Oil & Cannabis Sativa


Whether you suffer from mild anxiety or depression, have niggling muscle aches, pains or arthritis, experience any number of common neurological disorders, perhaps you have moments when PTSD disrupts normal behaviour, have any kind of  substance addiction, or you are looking for a better nights sleep. Let Green Gold oils relax the body and calm the mind

GG Human 100ml

SKU: 001
  • It's best to keep oil in dark place like cupboard and away from direct sunlight, like window sills. Like most organic products exposure to air, sunlight and extreme heat will speed up the degration process. There is no benefit kepping your oil in the fridge, CBD has a naturally long shelf life.

  • Everybody is different and dosage may vary according to body type—size and weight, metabolism, exercise, and so on. It's best to start slow and build up if necessary, (see dosage chart). In order to benefit from the magic of CBD you need to to be mindful and listen to your body. 

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